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respect to the ambassador and for all ambassadors around the world that do go out there to talk about peace and communications. >> the 52-year-old stevens and three other americans were killed on the anniversary of september 11th during an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. his family says stevens was there helping to launch a cultural exchange center, one giving remarks today is the libyan ambassador to the united states. the man the state department has chosen to investigate the assault, retired diplomat thomas pickering, will address the crowd as well. california senator dianne feinstein and congress woman barbara lee will honor the memory of the fallen ambassador. >> i know his commitment in being ambassador to an area of our world that is in such turmoil was a high calling for
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him. i just wanted and asked for permission to host it with the family. they wanted it here. >> the mayor will give the welcome followed his his brother and two sisters who will talk about the sibling they knew growing up. >> carolyn, thank you. we'll be streaming the service at abc 7 there is a link to a site his family established where you can learn more and leave your messages of support. >> the president's campaign says the president takes responsibility for the attack that killed ambassador stevens. a top aide made the statement this afternoon. you recall yesterday secretary of state hillary clinton did a series of interviews in which she took the blame for not providing enough security. clinton deflected blame from the white house pointed out it's the state department's responsibility to provide
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security for diplomats. >> happen now in oakland family who lost heir son to a officer involved shooting is headed to city hall. >> they want to speak out against the decision not to charge the officer that shot and killed alan blueford. police say he pointed a handgun at the officer. the district attorney determined the shooting was justified. >> blueford's family will hold a news conference to reveal their findings just before a security council meeting is set to begin. family of supporters have a history of disrupting meetings in protest of blueford's shooting. >> we have breaking news on san francisco bay. a yacht that will be involved in america's cup races just cap sized. sky 7 hd is live over the scene this, is right near golden gate bridge. we zoom out. this is a yacht among those set to race next year in america's cup. as we looked around there are rescue boats around. we didn't see sailors in the water, we presumed they had
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been rescued. there were a number of vehicles out there. the team has been practicing on the bay for months in smaller boats. this is a 72-footer. >> happening now a bus company for people with disabilities says there was a misunderstanding that led to a woman being kicked off of the bus this morning. >> the woman couldn't come up with enough cash for a paratransit ride to her doctor's office this morning. it's a story you'll see own only on abc 7 news. >> instead of making a doctor's appointment she spent the day sitting in her wheelchair at orinda bart station left there by east bay paratransit. the company supposed to take the woman to the other side of the bay. >> i said i'm not getting off the bus. she said they have to call the police. >> samuel had nine operations on her left leg. she made arrangements for a palo alto trip twrip a paratransit service a week ago. the company arranged transfers
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and picked her up for the first leg of the journey from antioch to orinda this morning. there was never mention of an additional fare in orinda. that is until the east bay paratransit bus arrived and the driver asked samuels for $9 in cash. >> i said $9 they didn't tell me this, i have my credit card. i can give you a credit card or disabled card with that link you the new system. you know? she said no. we can't accept that. >> samuels scraped up $5 from the purse. the driver said that wasn't enough, ordering her off the bus, she missed her doctor's appointment. >> that appointment if you don't show it's $500. i don't have $500. >> we contacted east bay paratransit. they told us their employees were following policy. they contract with. when we found her, she had
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been sitting on the curb more than two hours waiting for a bus sent by the antioch service to pick her. she paid $4 and headed back home. in orinda abc 7 news. >> within the past half hour the following statement was given, quote, all riders have to pay a fare. we conveyed what the fare was. the rider did not have the fare. we tried to resolve the situation and unfortunately by the time it was resolved the vehicle we were meeting with for her final leg of the journey was no longer available. >> firefighters are trying to pinpoint what caused a blaze on the peninsula today. >> they're sifting through remains of the san carlos restaurant supply business. the fire broke out after midnight, twont three alarms because of a tightly-packed materials in that building. firefighters had the blaze under control by 2:15 a.m. nobody was injured. no structures damaged. the fire is not considered to be suspicious. >> what is believed to be the wreckage of a small plane
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missing out of the half moon bay airport has been found by a park ranger. the badly-burned two seat arrow pro was on the beach 500 yards southwest of the landing strip. it vanished after taking off for tucson, arizona it's not clear whether the body has been recovered. >> warnings posted in a south lake tahoe after after a consulsing chipmunk was diagnosed with the plague. there are signs where the animal was found and in camp richardson. people in those areas are being asked to report any sick or dead animals they may see. officials are trying to trap and test rodents. the plague can be transmitted through the bite of an infected flea, handling an infected rodent. >> state health officials are testing blood from 300 yosemite national park employees to try to understand more about a deadly virus. the hanta virus killed three
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park visitors and sickened more this summer. despite living and working in the same environment no, park employees were affected. wait waitz concentrated outbreak recorded since first detected nearly two decades ago. >> sports now. san francisco giants have landed in st. louis. more than 90 minutes ago. that is where they resume the series with game three coming up tomorrow. >> big questions loom for giants especially after a play that left the status of one star in doubt. >> right. marco skutero with an injured hip. >> as giants prepare to leave for st. louis this morning they were still talking about that controversial slide that leveled second baseman marco skutero. >> it was impressive how he stayed in the game and got two big hits. there is going to be a hard play, both sides. you know? that happens. >> scutero being tested as we
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speak. >> x rays came back negative. now they're looking to see if there is muscle damage, and whether he can play. he injured his hip when matt holiday slid into him. some think it looked like he was going for the player not the bag. >> he said he went in and started to slide too late. whether a tad or several tads it's -- i think you can see from the replay. >> tony larusoo had a rule if you hit one of oun guys we're going hit one of your guys. i'm not saying that is the rule we live by. i don't make those decisions. i just hope he can play today. or tomorrow. >> giants commentator thinks matt holiday helped this team with the play. he says it brought the giants together. >> i think they're going to win the series. i think there is momentum now going to bring the city another pennant. that is how significant i think the play was last night. thank you, matt holiday.
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>> this is now 1-1 and credit goes to pitcher ryan voguelsong, he said it was one of his best games, ever. >> i don't think it's set in yet. i just think it will probably hit when all of this is over. also, that means after we're holding a world series trophy up won't that be great? matt cane is pitching tomorrow smrks players say having him on the mound gives them a lot of confidence. in san francisco, amy hold holyfield abc 7 news. >> we have an update on marco scutero's situation. dave fleming tweeted he is on the team, playing and is expected to play in game three tomorrow. >> keep in mind next three games are all in st. louis. game three tomorrow starts at 1:07 our time. thur thursday's game four starts on 5:07 pacific time. giants of course need to win three more games out of stofb take the championship series.
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>> tonight golden state warriors will detail plans for proposed new arena in san francisco. >> the team unveiled drawings on monday. arena it wants to build on the embarcadero. the community meeting will take place on san francisco's embarcadero at 6:00 tonight. >> news from san francisco 49ers. the team is in the running to host the 2016 super bowl. at what will be the new santa clara stadium. nfl invited san francisco to make a formal bid for super bowl 50. san francisco will be competing against miami which is hosted numerous super bowls throughout the years, niners released a statement saying the team is excited about the opportunity. >> abc 7 will dhaer 49ers game live on thursday. >> right. 49ers and seahawks. this is our thursday line up. there is an hour long pregame show featuring jerry rice and yours truliy. i'm in the a legend but will be standing next to niner legends.
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game time is 5:00. that will be followed by a special edition of "after the game" we're going to give away $49,000 to someone who likes us on our facebook page. >> like way. let's check on the forecast now. >> with spencer christian. >> larry you're standing know. a legend. taking a look at weather conditions we've got clear skies from coast to inland. mainly south of the golden gate you can see hugging the coastline here along santa cruz county coastline it's dissipating giving way to clear skies. right now it's warm around the bay area. 87 degrees now in santa rosa. we've got mid-80s inland east bay. concord. 79 in los gatos. 65 here in san francisco. on we go to forecast, first for the evening. mostly clear skies. a little bit of fog that will be gone getting into later evening hours. tomorrow morning there is a
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sunny start. mild overnight, temperatures from mid-50s upper 60s. tomorrow warm most locations. hot inland. highs from mid-70s to low 90s inland. that is just the beginning of the heat. i'll have more coming up with the accu-weather forecast. >> spencer. thank you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 looks like new new product coming from apple. >> plus, countdown to debate number two between president obama and mitt romney going to look different. >> a live look on san francisco bay. you can see sky 7 pushes in here there is a racing boat cap sized here. it's going to be towed back to pier 80, wh
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sun power revealed today it will close some solar kprol dux lines in phillip pines and slash about 900 jobs working out to 17% of sun power global work force. the solar panel industry faces a crisis of top demand. solar panel prices have dropped 30% so far this year. >> another apple event to tell you about. here comes the mini. plus, facebook getting serious about security. that and more in your after the bell report. >> good afternoon, guys. yes. two big companies let's start with that with earnings after the bell. intel reporting sales down about 5% this year.
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also down and intel feeling the heat and over to mobile devices. intel's forecast for sales in current quarter better than in were expecting. particularly the big dro. you know what is a big drop in demand for personal computers may start to level off. and turning over to ibm, sales there at biggest computer services company in the world also following 5% compared to a year ago. profits rising to $4.3 bill bin ceo expanding into emerging markets and shifting to higher profit services. well, it was just last month that apple announced iphone 5. now, apple maps app came with it may be news ofesteryear. apple says it has a little big
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part of this. something on the way. the smart phone maker has been there for a special event september 23 reading we've got a little more owe to show you. okay. let's read between the lines a lot of pemplts say apple going to announce a mini version of the ipad. microsoft announced a little bit more detail about what is coming out for the surface tab blet. we know the base model will be $500 that is matching starting price of apple third generation ipad which is its main competitor. you can already see ordering online. the surface goes on sale on the 26th of the month. and sprint may now have the pouer to sprint ahead of other big co-competitors. will leave sprint about $8 billion in a mighty money war chest allowing sprint to compete with at and t and verizon more significantly.
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the money will allow sprint to not only improve networks but compete with latest smart phones. as for markets stocks rallied sending s and p 500 to its biggest gain in a month. production rose more than forecast in corporate earnings topping some estimates. your bloomberg silicon valley index closing higher. shares all helping pull that index higher, facebook is getting serious about beefing up security, adding new tools to let you should down -- shut down malicious pages. the tools will come from a dozen providers. at your bloomberg studios in san francisco, that is bloomberg west, back to you. >> time to check the forecast now. you know... warm. it is nice out there.
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october brings us warmest, pleasant weather. that is what we have right now. here is a live view from sutro camera. you can see parts of the presidio and over alcatras. blue skies there around the bay area. along the coastline let's go live doppler 7 hd. you can see there is very little coastal fog now. we have more earlier being swept away. we've got sunny skies coast toinland. fog and this evening warm to hot next two days. but a cooler pattern settles in this weekend. right now no rain is in sight. center of high pressure off shore. clockwise circulation bringing us winds clearing fog away giving us a clearing trend into the next two days. starting at 7:00 this evening we'll see high pressure developing inland to our
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northeast oaf the next couple days. tomorrow that will bring warm air from inland areas out to the coast. big warm up coming our way tomorrow and thursday. it's going to be hot inland locations. overnight going to be quite mild. low temperatures into upper 50s to low 60s. we'll get off to a warm start in the morning. by afternoon, sunny skies with highs into mid to upper 80s. 89 in los gatos. peninsula highs from low to mid-80s for the most part. low to mid-70s on the coast. downtown san francisco topping out at 78 degrees tomorrow. 74 in the sunset district. north bay upper 80s to low 90s. 88 in napa. 86 in fremont. inland east bay highs around or just above 90 degrees.
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90 in concord. 91 walnut creek and antioch. near monterey bay highs of 88 in watsonville. upper 80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. we have two hot days inland coming our way. thursday of course a big day. niners making on -- taking on seattle sea hawks. warm in the evening for football. temperatures tapering off into the weekend. monday, tuesday, chance of rain we'll tell but that later in the week. right now let's enjoy the warmth. in two days abc 7 will give away $49,000. the winner announced after the 49ers game october 18th. you can still enter through our facebook page. then click win $49,000 button that will take you to the online forum, you can enter for a chance to win $49,000 so weather is a winner. why not you? become a winner. >> there you go. >> still to come spring stein
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madonna has done it. who is the next super bowl half time performer. next, who the front runner appears to be. >> michael finney shows us which cleaner cuts through dirt and grime best. >> want to show you latest on the ora cell boat cap sized in san francisco bay. if you look there is a guy climbing up to the very top of the yacht. what they're going to attempt to do is flip this upright so they can tow the boat back to the dock but that is easier said than done. there are a lot of rescue boats out there. the wing is badly damaged. no injuries so good news there. >> you can see there is a freighter heading towards this area. hopefully they're aware of the situation and will be able to reroute around this cap sized boat. stay with us.
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>> everybody watches super bowl. beyonce will shimmy into the living rooms of more than a billion people. beyonce confirmed she will host 2013 super bowl half time show. not her first super bowl performance. beyonce sang national anthem in 2004. the yes now is who will be the guest on stage?
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beyonce could get her husband, jay-z to come up on stage. she can reunite with destiny's child, plenty of time for speculation. game is february 3 in new orleans. >> first appearance there as a mother right? >> correct. >> justin beiber becomes the face of a sports wear line. >> here is rachel smith with those stories and more. >> some of the hollywood leading ladies honoring impact women have had on the film industry part of the women in hollywood celebration. for some it was a chance to be around legends. for others it was a reunion like from in lt week's -- year's film "the help". >> we been linked by an amazing project but we're in love with each other. >> there are a ton of women i've admired. to be here with them tonight
4:27 pm
is exciting for me. >> now to the black carpet premier of alex kroft putting aside comedy to play the role of a detective. >> i'm a character actor. playing a comedian, grandma or this guy it's the same process for me. it is to trying to sell it. >> it hits theaters friday. justin beiber is now the face of adidas label. making beiber it's new global style icon. don't forget to catch "dancing with the stars "" tonight on abc. >> still to come at 4:00 we're closing in on the second presidential debate. challenges and risks that tonight's town hall format pose for both candidates. >> live in union city, forget about bake sales.
4:28 pm
new haven school district is using food trucks to raise money. i'll tell what you else this cash-strapped district is doing coming up. >> later a muni rider's personal thank you to a driver
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a memorial service for christopher stevens, u.s. ambassador to libya getting underway right now in san francisco city hall, you're looking at a live picture where family and friends and members of the public are gathering. stevens and three other he americans killed on september 11th during an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. that attack has become an issue in the presidential campaign. stevens grew up here attending piedmont high school, studying at uc berkeley and uc hastings school of law. >> time for round two in the presidential debates. president obama and mitt romney in new york tonight for the only town-hall style contest. abc 7 news mark matthews joins us now with a preview. >> presidential debates don't usually move polls but this year, the first one turned tables. heading into the debate, most americans said the president
4:32 pm
would win three showdowns but the passive performance and good reviews for mitt romney gave the republican contender a bounce in the polls. tonight on long island the president looking to get his mojo back. >> how are you feeling about tonight? >> fabulous. >> undecided voters rb asking questions which had been preselected. the format brings challenges and risks for both candidates. neither held events like this recently on the campaign trail. >> style manners more than anything else. more than substance in these things. how you come across on television. >> romney sources insist the president is better in this setting. looser more comfortable. obama campaign advisors say the president is raid rd to take on romney's 47% comments pushing back when the president believes his opponent is misrepresenting his policis.. >> he's got to bring the energy. he can't be abresive directly to voters.. >> campaign ads for romney consider it a tie at this
4:33 pm
point and a draw would be a win and continued mow meant wrum. abc 7 news political analyst says the pressure sont president. >> debates cannot determine 49% of the vote but last 4% or 5% can make a difference. obama can't afford to have a second bad performance. >> professor cane agrees with that, the president needs to be aware of what the romney camp understands is that a small percentage of voters are going to judge on presentation than on substance n a close race those votes matter. >> thank you. the presidential debate is live at 6:00 p.m. we'll have it more you here on abc 7. >> the woman behind prop 38 agreed to remove a candidate the -- ad the governor says is misleading say prop 30 is bad -- bad deal for schools. he says prop 30 would allow politicians to get their hands on money set aside for education. >> prop 30 is something
4:34 pm
designed with a view to architecture focusing on avoiding doubts schools. this year. it will stop cuts and will help us reacknowledge our schools. >> prop 30 includes a short term income tax on richel californians, competing plan including a long term increase in income taxes for richest californians.. >> some school districts so cash strapped they're taking dramatic measures to get new revenue. the new haven school board will decide whether or not to sell two pieces of property to raise badly-needed cash. >> i want to show you behind me they call themselves the food truck mafia. every tuesday at 4:00 p.m. they gather here at the parking lot of logan high school to sell food.
4:35 pm
now, a portion of the sales goes to the school district and funds after school programs. but the seriously this district is also in need of cash and will tonight decide whether or not to sell vaerus properties. >> an empty classroom, a cubby that will never hold kids' belongings. this school closed in 2007 because of district wide declining enrollment. now with cash flow low and district reserves dwindling new haven unified says it's time to sell. there is talk of putting the district office on the market. >> there is a chance of us getting help we're looking for are better here than by selling our office which is the other consideration. >> a special committee estimates it can get $10 million for the space.
4:36 pm
but less for the district office. that has been put on hold. the board of education expected to vote tonight. new haven unified blames the state for falling behind in its payments to school districts. leaving them to find money elsewhere. >> this is check in the mail. in this case it's a very big check. that creates significant cash flow problems for our district. the district has other problems. this year anyone working for the district will also have extra nine unpaid days off. for average teachers that is $8,000 less per year, meaningless time in the classroom. >> we also are worried about students passing standardized state tests. you have more bodies in the classroom. it's harder to get students
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attention they deserve. >> the district says if proposition 30 does not pass, they will have to add more furlough days on top of nine they're already taking. that is a reality for other districts throughout the state. live in union city abc 7 news. >> british authorities say security under control at the hospital where a teen-aged pakistani girl shot bit taliban is recovering. measures came under scrutiny after police reported several people showing up at that hospital claiming to be relatives of the 14-year-old. the girl arrived in britain yesterday for treatment and protection after being targeted for advocating education for girls. hospital officials say the girl is making progress. >> there is initial assessments being undertaken by research we still have
4:38 pm
detailed assess manies to take from specialist teams that may be involved later on down the line. >> tamly ban saying she deserves to die because she'd spoken out against the taliban, praising president obama. >> coming up at 4:00 they're popular but next why a variety of cheetos being banned from schools around the country. >> i'm spencer christian. we can see coast is clear in this case it means a big warm up. i'll show you hot spots in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> we want to take you back out to san francisco bay live. sky 7 hd is above ora cell cup -- boat here. you can see this is a 72-foot yacht. they're working to get this boat back to shore. coast guard has not been called in. we understand no one was injured during this incident. you can expect major damage to this yacht. we'll keep following it for
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you. stay with
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school as cross the country are banning flaming hot cheetos. many slam the food for high fat and sodium content. one small bag contains about a quarter of the recommended salt intake for a day. a district near chicago cutoff
4:42 pm
sales of selling 150,000 bags last year. >> if children want to bring in snacks that are high in fat and calorie that's is their choice. they can do that. but we're not going to provide those foods. >> school janitors joined the crusade at one school in new mexico. they say they are tired of cleaning out red fingerprints left behind by the dye in the snacks. despite the heat flaming hot cheetos remain popular there is even a facebook fan page. >> oh, brother. >> i know. it's become a ritual. during dancing with the stars someone will be eliminated. larry predicts who is going to get the axe. we have to keep in mind your predictions aren't flawless. >> that is a nice way of backing into that. >> there you go. you're even. >> yes. fro proe fegsals had to learn and teach dances that are new.
4:43 pm
sabrina and louie did a disco. that is remarkable. louie amstell is not a huge guy. the whole ball room rocking. vibrant scoring 35 and a half points out of 40. let's move on. to gill. they did a dance from bollywood. they had to bring in experts to teach them. they were coming apart and lind says the dance was hotter than a curry. again lynn goodman send e mails to them.
4:44 pm
are you ready? sean johnson. did a mambo. sean capable of doing things you cannot do. >> she's remarkable. >> she is. last week probably the best dance she did as we take a look at shows. i'm going to say sean johnson is going to win this thing. >> what do you think is going home? >> bristol palin should go home. i think kirstie alley. i think she's danced her final dance. >> okay. conditions tomorrow fall like coolness settling in.
4:45 pm
63 in boston. dry in the southwest. we'll see warm to hot conditions down throughout the interior sections of the state. 95 in los angeles. hot for l.a.. here in the bay area we'll see high temperatures into low 90s inland locations like clover dale and clear lake. 82 in oakland. it's going to sizzle thursday as well. enjoy the heat. >> outstanding. >> thank you. >> nice job. >> yes. >> still to come at 4:00 daring art theft in europe. details on masterpieces taken in the dead of night. >> promising to get rid of
4:46 pm
stains, i'm michael finney. >> without a microphone. >> coming up i'll let you know which one
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
tings were stolen overnight from a museum in the netherlands among a private collecti ondispy. thintingsthreds millions
4:49 pm
be soldn op' too wel ma bheresrg k rket for solen paintings. the thieves bypassedwo by >> twoo-consumerews now there are many cleaners on shelfs to choose from. all claiming they do a gat job. manyan get the job done? >> michael finney with extensive experience of ding dishes. >> they're hoping uncover the bestll purpose cleaner. itook hours too this. in the en only one gothe job done. >>now 100 drsolla year on cleaners tv kmeshlz make promises about the cleaners so consumer reports cut through hype
4:50 pm
conducting tough tests on 19 all purpose cleaners including bigames like clorox pine sol. they also spra soap scum residuen tis, ten clea applied. >> thoseay yout spray them o otrs moreor intsive. you have to ply them. then rins. this gives each e same number of swips with a per towel. some cnersrk better than otrs. the cleaner on righ tile left more juiceehind. testerslso lef cleaners aces overght to mimic a unnoticed spill. some marred metal finishes. >> we found wh convenience camecleaning per, none
4:51 pm
the spys eelled a cleani l the stain. >> after subng only e neclear did wellnou t be recommended pi sol orinal. it notsy to use as spray but it bat otherleanear by wide margin. ifou wld rather use a spray seventhth generation natural all purpose did a good job.
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4:54 pm
presidential candidates have been using social media but using more than facebook. linkedn has been expanding horizons to help professionals be at the top of their game. david louie shows us what is new at linkedin. linkedin is a different
4:55 pm
kinld of site focusing on job seekers and professional development. facebook may have one billion users linkedn has 175 million. two new members every second. over the past year and a half since ipo, the company has been focusing on simplifying service helping members career growth and making it a place to visit every day every day i see what is being shared by my network what is being share bid my ceo. it's efficient and help meez just be better at what i do every day. >> the home page has been redesigned to make it faster to find artels. it knows busy careers mean there is limited time. many called coffee and couch users logging in early before work and again, at night probably on a tab blet, while watching tv. >> we said it's a place we want people to not tend spend a lot of time but get what they need and move on with the day. >> sometimes politics can be a important source for a
4:56 pm
business person, linkedn assembling a group of 100 most influential people. including presidential candidates. here they compose artels targeted to business people. president obama has nearly 300,000 followers on linkedn. mitt romney, 116,000 followers. a daily news feed agregates artel kels. the feed can be customized for useful articles. >> you can you know tell us, look. these are the things we're interested. our service for you with the this can be news, in connections and so forth. >> in mountain view taifd louie abc 7 news. >> san francisco bus driver was honored today for doing a very good deed. he went to city hall to give kimberly robinson a big hug. she was driving a bus last
4:57 pm
month when she found a brief case. inside were his wallet, diamond ring and a personal letter from the president. five days later officials contact thoimd say they had the bag. he was excited but turned to abc 7 news to help track down gt samaritan driver. that turned out to be kimberly. she returned witness everything, safely inside. >> i was glad he got it back. i didn't realize how much he had in it the bag until he told me. so... i'm glad he got his belongings. >> kimberly says she doesn't deserve all of the credit. another driver turned the bag in to lost and found for her. neat story. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl jennings and larry beil. >> thank you. a bay area police chief under fire for illegal behavior engaged in while off duty. it's a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> remembering a bay area
4:58 pm
native son. ambassador stevens. we'll have live coverage of the memorial. >> i'm santda patel live from the roof of abc 7 news. we have a warming trend that will take temperatures up to summer like selfs. i'll have the numbers coming up. >> this is a live picture now of the memorial service taking place in san francisco city hall for ambassador chris stevens. stevens is a bay area native son killed in the september 11th attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. good evening. >> chris stevens grew up in piedmont and went to uc berkeley. carolyn tileler joins us live with tonight's memorial. >> cheryl, the tone here is respectful. not really somber. this is billed as a celebration of the life of the late ambassador. let's take you back inside mayor ed lee offers the city hall rotunda to the family for
4:59 pm
the services. the late ambassador's parents, brother and two sisters are here as well as friends from piedmont where he grew up and schools he attended. and of course there are colleagues from the state department. city hall is filled with music, you're hearing that now. there is mozart and a lot of dignitaries are going to be speaking. libya's ambassador is one of them. some of the touching moments and powerful remarks coming from chris stevens brother and sisters. >> chris was a huge presence in our family. so he lived far away he had a lot of friends. a very challenging job. he always came home and when he came home for christmas for our wedding or baby showers he was really there. he wasn't text messaging. he wasn't e mailing. he was running with us,

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